Where Shadow Meets Light – Vol.4

✶ Group Shadow Work
✶ Internal Family Systems
✶ Ecstatic Dance
✶ Tantric Breathwork
✶ Medicine Ceremony
✶ Sound Journey
✶ Yoga & Meditation
✶ Cacao
✶ Nature & Silence
✶ Vegan Meals
✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

Dear brave soul. Dear fragile human. Dear curious explorer of the unknown. You mysterious, magical being.

Again we open the portal for the Shadows to meet the Light. Each time we do it has a completely unique flavor because the amazing co-creators are the main ingredients. But our recipe, this flow of opening & activating processes, is truly potent, and deeply transformative.

It is created for you, if you are truly ready to go deep with yourself. Ready to shake it up. Ready for another step in your journey towards wholeness.

Guided by the modalities of shadow work and internal family systems we look at the parts of us that we may have exiled, and in the collective we become mirrors for each other’s reflections.

The art of tantric breathwork allows us to harness the power of each inhale and exhale to help us unlock and unleash what is stuck in all of our bodies, physical, emotional and energetic. In this altered state of consciousness you can experience the beauty of your existence in its purest form.

Ecstatic dance allows us to liberate from our constraints, move freely, and release what no longer serves us. It is a celebration of life and embodiment and it anchors us in the present moment.

And after all these powerful practices have brought us together as a group and into our own center, we will harness the wisdom of our ancient allies that hold the keys to realms beyond the ordinary. Guided by plant wisdom, we will explore the landscapes of our souls, embracing the light and the shadows as integral parts of our journeys.

If you feel a tingling when you read this invitation, maybe one of the spots in the circle is for you. We are so excited to see who will join, to make this November one to remember.

Whether this is your time or not, please remember that there are no fragments of you that are unworthy. Your patterns and shadows are there for a reason, and they want you to flourish. Maybe it’s time to face them and have an honest conversation, in the warm embrace of like-minded souls.

With so much love,
Anelia and Magnús.

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Practical Information

▶ What is “Where Shadow Meets Light”?
A transformative four-day retreat that delves into the depths of your being through shadow work, guided by shamanic and somatic healing practices. The journey is complemented by intentional mindful movement and liberating dance sessions. The culmination of this experience is a plant medicine ceremony to deepen your connection to yourself and shine light through any places that need extra love and attention.

▶ Location & Accomodation
Located in the heart of nature, just a brief hour south of Copenhagen, the retreat unfolds within a spacious house. The accommodation is communal dorm style. Participants are welcome to arrive between 16 and 18, ensuring a flexible beginning to their journey.

▶ Dates
November 23rd – 26th, four days & three nights

▶ Food
Vegan. If you have any specific dietary restrictions or allergies you can let us know in the sign-up form.

▶ Co-creation
All participants will help out once or twice with cooking and cleaning after meals.

▶ Contribution

For the full retreat including dorm accommodation, food, snacks, workshops, medicine & ceremony:

Regular economy: 4.999 DKK
Emergent economy: 3.999 DKK

▶ Scholarship
If the price is a hindrance for you but you have a strong calling to join, please fill in the sign up form and tell us about yourself. We will consider offering scholarships for those in need of this experience.

▶ Sign-up
Follow the link to sign up. If we don’t know you already we will have a call to check in with you and to make sure this journey is suitable for you at this time.

▶ About The Facilitators

Anelia is the founder of “Authentic Element” and “Ecstatic Dance Denmark”. She is passionate about promoting holistic well-being and resilience. Her personal journey from disconnection and societal pressures to healing and thriving has fueled her commitment to guiding others to heal their trauma and discover their authenticity. She is drawing from a range of teachings, experiences and modalities including shadow work, internal family systems, breathwork, shamanism, tantra, dance and plant medicine journeys!
More info: https://linktr.ee/authenticelement

Magnús has been working with master plants and hosting transformational spaces for over a decade. He is a yoga teacher and meditation guide, trained in Authentic Relating facilitation and he runs Copenhagen Psychedelic Integration Community. He is a playful soul, dancer, poet and a rapper. He lives and works in Skovsbo, a community in South Sjælland, where this retreat will be hosted.


23 - 26 Nov 2023


4:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Stensby, Denmark
Anelia Mitova


Anelia Mitova
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