I am passionate about contributing to a world which is more in alignment with health and resilience in the physical, emotional and mental domains.

My journey began in 2012, when I started feeling a sense of disconnection from myself and others. I found myself in the midst of a life that was not really mine and was created due to social conditioning and expectations which I never dared to question. That led me to feel lost, out of alignment and depressed.

That’s when the search for answers began. I traveled all over the world learning from various teachers and different modalities, in order to understand what was the true source of my suffering. I gained the courage to dive deep into my own childhood traumas and experiences that shaped me to become a faint version of myself. One that I couldn’t recognize anymore.

Slowly, I started understanding that I wasn’t broken, like I felt I was. Instead, I realized that the pain I felt inside was the by-product of past experiences that created certain beliefs about who I am and who I should be in the world, in order to receive love and approval and thus maintain a sense of safety, which was integral to my survival.

I also learned that I didn’t HAVE TO stay stuck in those perceptions of reality and that I could instead CHOOSE to heal. Every step I have taken ever since has been taking me closer and closer to a state of wholeness. I don’t believe there’s ever an end to this journey, but I do strongly believe that the better it gets, the better it gets!


In the search for wholeness, I found out that one of my greatest passions was to help others regain their true sense of self and authenticity. It gives me great joy to witness and hold space for healing to naturally occur, with the compassion and understanding I am able to provide.

Below you can see more about the various modalities I implement in my work with clients.

CV (chronological)

2022 – 2023, IFS Institute

2022, The Embody Lab

2021-2023, InnerCamp

2019-2021, Copenhagen University, Denmark

2020, Mark Walsh @Rørt, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018, Robert Stamboliev, Voice Dialogue World, Bergen, The Netherlands

2017, Teal Swan, Alajuela, Costa Rica

2017, Evette Rose, London, The UK

2017, VIA University College, Aarhus, Denmark

Venture Cup, Developing Business Startups, Aarhus, Denmark

2017, VIA University College, Aarhus Denmark

VIA University College, Aarhus, Denmark

2016, Rafail Nikolov, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014, Rafail Nikolov, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007-2011, National High School of Finance and Business, Sofia, Bulgaria

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