A unique combination of holistic health and transformational therapy modalities

I believe in the inherent connection between the different layers that comprise YOU as a human being. There is ultimately no separation between mind-body-spirit. Let me guide you to strengthen that connection and find out what is preventing you from experiencing the life of your wildest dreams.

Integration Session

This is powerful integration work that resolves fragmentation within the self. It is for those of you that are ready to dive deep within your own being and uncover the origin of your triggers, trace them back to past traumatic experiences and resolve them.

Trauma forces us to split into parts of ourselves that are deemed “acceptable” and “unacceptable”, based on the values, rules and standards that dominate our family system and culture.

Let me guide you to a state of wholeness and help you remember who you really are!

Energy healing

This type of session is suited for those of you that are ready to shift things on an energetic level. It utilizes ancient or modern energy healing techniques that are meant to harmonize and open your energetic centers (also called chakras) and thus bring you to a state of alignment.

Each technique offers its own benefits.

It may feel a bit more gentle, compared to an integration session, but it shifts things in a profound way that sometimes words cannot even begin to describe.


Breathwork uses your breath as a vehicle of transformation. It causes physiological shifts, which allows you to experience altered states of consciousness. It is a powerful tool for letting you connect to unprocessed or unresolved emotions.

Breathwork changes the nervous system’s response to stress. It may also help calm your busy mind and instead help you bring more awareness to your body. Breath-based interventions are also linked with a decrease in post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

It offers an opportunity for spiritual expansion, as well as attunement to your inner being and thus greater connection to yourself and all around you!

Ecstatic dance

A mindful journey through time and space, using the expansive tool of your own body, guided through the harmonies of music and sweet melodies of pure alignment. You are encouraged to release your inhibitions and discover new parts of yourself, which might take you to unknown and exciting places. Be with yourself or connect to others. Move or be still.

This is an invitation to come as you are and use the space for whatever purpose suits you in each moment. It is an alcohol and substance free environment, where the music itself gets a chance to be the very thing that moves you.

"Had a very profound and intensive experience and was glad that Anelia was there to guide me and hold space for my inner child + all emotions. She was very open and validating to everything that came up & which in and of itself was very healing for me. Thank you"

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