How to Love Yourself Workshop by Teal Swan (Organized by Younity)

Aneia Mitova will be a helper at this event and is not affiliated with any of the organizers.


2-day Workshop

We all know on some level that it is important to love ourselves. But when people say that “all you have to do is love yourself,” it’s kind of like telling a child in kindergarten that he or she has to solve a college physics equation. Like that bewildered child, we have no idea where to begin.

People who are struggling with self love are caught in an intense paradox: they are seeking connection, but dreading it at the same time. It can feel like you’re being split in half. And that’s because self love asks that you accept yourself as you are, whereas social conditioning is putting you through the fear of being rejected.

But connection is a powerful healing experience. In this two-day How To Love Yourself Workshop, you’ll be in a safe place to explore anything that is in the way of true, genuine self love within yourself.

What to expect:

  • Powerful questions to be asked on stage in-person with Teal Swan, and any question on that stage due to the law of attraction working to our benefit, will apply to you (and anyone else participating) so your job becomes, where is this taking place for me in my own life?
  • Immense resolution taking place around patterns and wounds that have been keeping the group rooted in self-hate
  • An opportunity to deeply connect in experiential group exercises led by Teal Swan that are especially catered towards creating more depth of love and connection, forming bonds and friendships that can last you a lifetime
  • Leaving this event more empowered and closer to self love than ever before, with increased awareness around the tools you now can use to continue your journey
  • This is your chance to experience the power of personal and collective group healing around Self Love, and to be a part of an exclusive, brand new event while Teal Swan tours Europe this summer

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09 - 10 Jul 2022


10:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Basel, Switzerland
Hotel Hofmatt in Münchenstein, Basel (CH).


Teal Swan

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