Skovsbo Odyssey – Chapter One: Dream of Community

​​Dear human. ????????‍♂️
???? You are heartily invited this Easter weekend to experience & co-create the very first chapter of Skovsbo Odyssey! ✨

???? When you go home after our days together, our sincere hope is that you will feel deeply joyful & grateful, inspired & enriched, seen & supported, in your power, with your soul sparkling and your life purpose ever so clear.

This event is brand new, and an experiment, and that is part of the magic. But here are answers to some questions that you might have about this, quite mysterious happening.

???? Is it a retreat?
Yes, surely! It is an epic journey through several days, that is planned by a dedicated group of space creators and holders (more on that below). There will be many ways for you to explore yourself, mind, body & soul, and to deepen your trust and connection to other humans and the world. It is held out of the city, one hour south of Copenhagen, in a big and lovely house in beautiful nature, with an enchanted forest and the ocean near by. So you will indeed be retreating from your every day life for a few days.

???? Is it a community gathering?
Yes, it is! Not of an established community, but an ever growing family of like-minded souls that want to grow and learn and have a fun & exciting time together. It is a co-created event, where everyone helps out with cooking and cleaning and making the show run. We show up with our open hearts, weaving the web of community as we strengthen our friendships and establish new connections. This is perhaps the biggest reason for why we do this. To feel each other, explore our co-creative capacity and to remember that we are all in it together.

???? Is it a festival?
Aha! Kind of, mini-festival! Why not! It is definitely a joyous occasion to celebrate life. There will be an amazing dance floor and a party vibe, at times. There will also be space for slowness and stillness and introspection.

???? Is it a Burn?
No. This event does not follow all the principles of the Burning community. It is more curated for example, and money will be exchanged. However, it does have some similarities! Well spotted!

???? Is it an online course?
Haha! You’re funny. But actually (!) we would love to have one online meeting with all of you before the Odyssey so we can all get a feeling of the group and align expectations. Good idea! Thank you.

???? Who is making it, and who is participating?

Magnús here (I will write in first person for a second). I will host this event at my new home, and I’m the initiator for the event. I have summoned a group of wonderful, inspiring people who are as excited as I am to make this event as great as we can. Here they are, in order of attractiveness:

???? Niels – Lord of the Kitchen
He will feed us. Oh my how we look forward to the amazing feasts and sensorial experiences!

???? Justyna – Beautification Mama
Will decorate the house and the people. Is somehow a magical unicorn and powerful shamanesse at the same time!

???? Emil – Dancefloor Wizard
Has a seemingly endless music library & capacity for DJing, and lights to go with it! Open the Love Portal!

???? Ernest – Radical Relationalist
Guides us into our deepest layers of truth & honesty, and helps us uncover what our souls are trying to tell us.

???? Rebecca – Emotional Alchemist
Will allow our bodies to release tension and trauma and step into our gratitude and joy.

???? Anelia – Authentic Element
Will help us tap into the immense potential of our future selves, and go deep with our best friend, the breath.

???? Ewa – Dream Weaver
Allows us to go beyond our constraints by dreaming with and for each other, in waking life.

???? Magnús – Ceremony Master
Will lead us in ceremonies, and make sure everything is not completely organised.

This group of eight will create the flow of the event, and host the different spaces and workshops.

???? I’m starting to get the picture, sounds amazing. But can you give any more clarity on what will take place?

Sure. There will be:

????️ Tantric Breathwork
???? Dreaming Workshops
????????‍♀️ Embodied Trauma Release
???? Magic Journey
???? Sensory Experiments
???? Radical Honesty
???? Yoga & Meditation
☕️ Cacao & Dance

… and so much more. There will be cuddle puddling, walks in the forest, and cold plunging for the brave ones. But none of this quite captures what it will be. Maybe leave your mind out of the decision. You don’t have to know what will happen. If you feel a joyous tingling, a sparkling curiosity, or even a full body yes (!) as you read this, then maybe it’s your intuition telling you that you should join us. Maybe ask yourself, “Why am I still reading this super long event description?” Only you know the answer.

???? How much does it cost?
The co-creative way means we can make it really affordable! We have a three-tier payments depending on your level of income and how much you can contribute at this time.

Regular economy: 2.900 kr.
Abundant economy: 3.400 kr.
Strict economy: 2.400 kr.

???? This includes the whole five day adventure. Accommodation for four nights, all food and snacks, all ceremonies and workshops.


???? 20% of the profit will be donated to a charity run by our friends in Peru. We will tell more about their project later.


???? Part of the money will be used to make a permanent installation on the property, something meaningful that we will make together. Like a totem pole! But maybe not a totem pole. In any case, this means your contribution will also be tangible and you can re-visit it every time you come back to Skovsbo.


???? The rest of the money, after expenses and donations, will go to the running of Skovsbo. So it is a fundraiser event of sorts.

That’s it! Thanks for reading all the way to the end. If you already have Easter plans, no problem, you can safely cancel them. This will be better. ???? No but really, if you can’t make it now, don’t sweat it, as the name implies this is just the first chapter. The plan is to make more of these events, and maybe you are meant to join another time. If you want to be in on the beginning of the Skovsbo Odyssey, reserve your spot now. You will have a phone call where you can ask questions before fully committing.


???? Bonus Question: I really love this concept! Can I be one of the facilitators?
This time around the core team is set, but maybe next time! If you want to step into facilitating, or have the thought of making a retreat but don’t have the capacity or know-how yet, then reach out to Magnús! The idea here is also to create a forum where we support each other as we step up to give our unique gifts to the world.

Ok, now it’s the end. ❤️


06 - 10 Apr 2023


5:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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  1. We are looking for Ecstatic Dance in Denmark. Will you be holding it again over the summer or in the fall?

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