Where Shadow Meets Light Vol.1

Dearest friend!

This is an invitation for a grand adventure. A playful and brave deep-dive into yourself, and into connection.

We planning a truly unique retreat that we are really thrilled about. It’s tailor made for lightworkers such as yourself. Curious humans that are not unfamiliar with the depths of consciousness exploration. People that are not afraid to step up and lead the way in this evolutionary shift that is happening right now on this beautiful planet of ours.

With our extensive library of tools and techniques to reach the deeper layers, we will take you through a flow of activities to bring you to the core of your being. We take this work seriously, and at the same time we do it with utmost joy and humility. We want to dance with our shadows, meet each other at the soul level, and heal and upgrade together.

It will be an embodied, multi-sensory, emotional and soulful exploration. Psychedelic ecstatic dance, Tantric breathwork and experimental group shadow work are some of the key elements. You will be guided into deep meditative states supported be entheogens, words, light and sound. And in these spaces that are usually so personal, we want explore authentic relating and find each other in connection, standing naked together in front of the great mystery.
This is made for those who are already comfortable with themselves in the depths, and not afraid to go even deeper. Or wider. Or higher! Whichever direction your soul feels like expanding to.

We are very familiar with creating intentional and ceremonial spaces, but this idea and flow feels new and exciting. We will start by making this weekend for a small group of close friends and let it evolve from there. If you are intrigued, please let us know as soon as possible.

We want to continue to step further into our power. Vulnerably, fearlessly, authentically. We want to truly integrate all those deep lessons we have already received. We want to be inspired by you, and with you. Please join us. It will be one for the history books.

With so much love,
Anelia, Byron and Magnús.


02 - 05 Dec 2021


4:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Femø, Denmark
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