After Neoliberalism – A New Narrative? A lecture by Ross Jackson

We are pleased to invite you to a lecture by Ross Jackson in the Roundhall at March 26th at 7.00-8.30 pm. The title of the lecture is “After Neoliberalism – A New Narrative?”.

The neoliberal worldview, which has dominated the world for 40 years, has factually been shown to be directly responsible for the ongoing destruction of the environment, species extinction, increasing inequality, mass dissatisfaction, and concentration of wealth and political power in the hands of few extremely wealthy citizens. But it has also proved to be extremely resilient because it has morphed into a religion that disregards the evidence.
Only a new and just as attractive narrative can replace the dying worldview. Ross will put forward his thoughts on what such a new narrative might look like and present a strategy to eventually make it mainstream.
The lecture will be held in English.
Feel free to bring along some snacks, which we can enjoy together, while we listen to Ross. It is not mandatory, but it could add to the spirit of co-creation!The event will be donation based. Donations go to cover expenditure connected with the event. Any surplus will be used for operation and maintenance of The Magic Garden.
This is the second of the additional events. Information on upcoming events follow.
We look forward to seeing you ?!
Warm regards
Jacob, Ecaterina, Anelia and the board of TMG


26 Mar 2019


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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