I booked a Completion Process session with Anelia, as I was struggling to go through the process on my own, and her caring and gentle presence, combined with her wise guidance, helped me to experience an amazing healing journey to my wounded inner child. I wholeheartedly recommend her, and I’m writing this with a feeling of immense gratitude and respect. Thank you Anelia 🙏❤️

Lia – Bulgaria/Izrael

I did my first Reiki session with Rafail Nik and Anelia Mitova. Anelia was the one to suggest this course after our first CP session. Even after our session I was receiving guidance and counseling, just like a life coach. I’m so glad the universe send this sweet soul on my way, I learned from Anelia that the main path to a quite and clear mind, is inwards towards our inner child. By offering nourishment, and meeting child’s needs we get closer to our higher self. From the start of the Reiki course until the very end, we had a great amount of support in understanding🤔 how to apply Reiki to our life. We were the perfect amount of people 🤗so we could practice on each other and manage to get answers to all our questions. I felt safe to share my emotions, be myself and receive the healing energy that was surrounding us. I am so freaking happy I went to this course. I met great people with warm hearts💚💚💚, ate a bunch of snacks🍎🍌🌶, received love, and learned to charge ourselves, water, food, and others with Reiki. Later on, we got a 21-day homework to practice Reiki on ourselves. It’s been 3-day since I was using it for my avocado sandwiches, fruit, water, tea, crystals, and myself. My life started taking a 180 degree of change, I was like wtf is happening, I got a couple ridiculous synchronicities. It kick-started new events, I am moving out and I get one offer better than the other, my work schedule is falling into place how it fits me best, same with school and relationships. One of the biggest things I am most grateful for is the clarity I have at the moment since the first initiation and a newfound connection with my body, mind, and spirit. Thank you so much for facilitating it. I’m more than grateful for the experience🙏 P/s: BE AWARE of the amount of cuteness that’s happening during the course, it might give you a cute heart attack.

Tatiana – Moldova/Denmark

I did my Reiki course level 1 with Rafi and Anelia and IT WAS AMAZING! I learnt a lot and the place was so cozy. I met beautiful people❤️✨ I really recommend Authentic Element 🙂 thanks Anelia

Lauri – Argentina

It was my first CP session with Anelia. She was this perfect support for my childhood self and made me feel seen. I let myself completely into her arms, to be guided and held throughout the trauma. She validated my emotions and It felt like one of the first time in my life when I was fully received. When the door towards more traumas opened I got a bit lost and I was crying out with grief and she managed to get me back. Whenever there would be a split or belief she would be quick to mention it. I was impressed by how well she handled the process and just like a sailor would stir the CP boat towards resolution. I would definitely recommend a session with Anelia. As soon as I stepped in her apartment, filled with crystals and big ass plants, I felt welcomed, and a big wave of loving energy was surrounding me. It’s unbelievable how healing this process is and it’s exceeding conventional therapy, because of the connection, validation, love and presence moving between you and the practitioner. I can’t express enough how thankful and grateful I am to Anelia for facilitating the Completion Process and creating the opportunity for people to seek her help. Much love ❤️

Tatiana Prodan – Denmark / Moldova

I had a great chance to heal a painful memory from my childhood through the COMPLETION PROCESS which the lovely Anelia led me through. It was really helpful for me to re-experience those memories again to understand and change my feelings about them in the past the matter which enabled me to Change my perceiving and my feelings about my present life and problems.. Anelia is actually a very nice soul💖 who is able to feel the pain and sadness of others and also a very supportive through her patience and ability to find the hidden root of my current problems. With the help of Anelia and her CP session I could feel safe and have the first step in finding my true self and my true journey in this life. I genuinely appreciate the enhancing efforts of Anelia and highly recommend the COMPLETION PROCESS with her💯💯.

Reem – Aalborg, Denmark / Syria

Working with Anelia proved to me that this technique of completion process and parts work was effective and works for me. In fact, it would work for anyone that is open to healing. Anelia takes her role as a practitioner very seriously and spend as much time is needed for the client to get through the whole process. She creates a safe and pure space for the client to start their healing journey. If you are serious about clearing limiting beliefs and old patterns that do not serve you anymore, there is no process better to get you there than the one that Anelia practices. She combines two or three different modalities to cater to whatever needs the client has in that session. I would recommend working with Anelia any day. In one session, she was able to help me become aware of a belief I was running and release that belief by creating a safe space for me. She has also helped my 9 year old son with some of the issues he was dealing with. Anelia has the ability to connect instantly with kids.

Anonymous – Toronto, Canada

Anelia supported me with a Parts Work Session during the Sacred Circle Retreat in Berlin. She definitely knows how to work with the Energies, or Parts, and is very good at gently guiding her clients to become confident with them. As I can now (a few weeks later) say, Anelia has greatly helped me develop my aware ego – and kickstarted an exciting journey into discovering my SELF. 100% recommended <3

Tobias – Berlin, Germany

Anelia has a very direct and yet inviting presence in her work. I am a very emotional person that’s pretty messy with continuous processes and yet she was able to follow me and lead me through in a caring and understanding way.  loved it and am looking forward to the next session

Sofie – Vienna, Austria / Belfast, Ireland

I met Anelia at an emotional healing retreat and I could have the chance to connect with her in an authentic way, opening up about what was making me feel uneasy and she totally gave me the presence I needed. You have a soft and tender soul, Anelia, thank you for letting me see that 🙏❤️

Nina – Merano, Italy

I had the chance to get a parts work / voice dialogue session with Anelia and it was truly amazing and deeply healing. Anelia is excellent at what she is doing, and I felt very safe and comfortable with her. I especially liked her patience, her openess to everything that happened and the way she is able to tune into the different parts. She is really great at getting them and addressing them in a suitable way, so they feel safe to come out and show themselves. I learned a lot about myself and am really grateful for Anelias presence and guidance. Thank you so much for this amazing experience 🙏💗

Julia – Berlin, Germany

Anelia helped me so much with my feeling of being isolated from everyone in the anger I felt. Her authenticity and her strength gave me permission to share this part that is usually dismissed and denied by society and it was so healing. Anelia is an amazing parts work facilitator and she is so, so inspiring and alive. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her 💜

Baiba – Riga, Latvia

Anelia has a very strong, grounded presence, filled with knowledge and experience. She has a very caring and empathetic energy, and also a “no BS” kind of attitude, which I very like.

Karina – Warsaw, Poland

I met Anelia at a retreat and she facilitated a parts work with me. And I must say it was incredible! She vibes strong and confident energy so I really felt safe and could fall into and trust her with the process completely. She has a really good way with words and knows exactly what she is doing. Her genuine curiosity, her deep caring and playfulness define her work. I am deeply grateful for the experience. 🧡🙏

Polina – Berlin, Germany/ Moscow, Russia

She’s amazing ! She’s there with you 100% and helps you through all emotions and whatever is going on. She knows what to say and do.

Mertan – Bulgaria

Anelia is on the top of the game with parts work! I’ve been wanting to have a session with her on a major split in me and she helped me greatly to identify what these aspects were really about. My mind was blown how she validated these fragments, made them feel trusting, safe, understood… Anelia is highly competent, professional, inspiring and comforting. I’m so grateful for our session, can’t wait for the next one and absolutely recommend everyone to reach out to her <3

Liya – Budapest, Hungary / Copenhagen, Denmark

I had the chance to talk with anelia and she is very amazing ❤️ I learned a lot from her. She is very nice and talented 👌. I feel inspired by her. She can give good advices also! 💯 I really love her ❤️

Graziella – Belgium

Thank you for such a wonderful healing session. I did mostly Completion Process and parts work with Anelia. I can only recommend a session with her. She is attuned to the other person’s needs all the time, very present with all her heart and takes as much time as is needed. In a very loving and empathetic way she guides one patiently through the journey. She make one feel safe and creates the space to express and feel freely. I feel it comes really natural to her and I am happy that she is sharing this gift with the world! 

Sonja – Hamburg, Germany

I had the chance to get a Completion Process session from Anelia. She is extremely patient and gives you all the space needed that every emotion can be seen and felt as long as necessary. She is present with all what is happening and has guided me thru my process, so that I could trust her unconditionally. She brings up very interesting ideas on how to handle certain situations, to bring you smooth thru the process. I could feel that she is all in with her open heart and her compassion, that really helped me to let go and just be in the process. It was a very powerful experience and I’m thankful for that.

Claudia – Switzerland

If you would like to really get to the core of whatever issue or problem you have, and liberate yourself from it, I can highly recommend Anelia. She is an amazing healer. Anelia has this loving presence, that makes you feel safe and leads you to the root of the issue in a gentle way. She is very knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate practitioner, that always gives you the right tools to work with, in order to achieve a better understanding of your emotions. I think there is no better person I could recommend to work with, in your path of putting yourself back together again.

Stefani – Aarhus, Denmark

Anelia is a bright soul. The session I had with her was amazing and really effective. She has amazing communication skills, a sharp intuition and fantastic creativity in dealing with issues on the spot! The session flowed nicely from applying the process to mixing it with whatever tool was needed for the healing to take place. I was impressed how flexible and attuned she was to my needs the whole time. I really liked that she helped me get back the trust in my own capacity to heal and that she validated me all the time with patience and love. I could not have picked a better person, I recommend her with all my heart.

Andreea – Bucharest, Romania

Anelia is an amazing and very competent woman. Her presence, intelligence and warmth made me feel completely safe. Safe to surrender and dive deep into my emotions. Anelia has the purest intentions for the people she helps. After just one session I learned so much more about myself. And I continue to do so. When you start to walk this path of healing and realizing your full potential, there’s no going back. Anelia is the kind of person you really want to have at your side while that happens. It can be tough, but she gently helps you through it. Her loving nature is soothing and calming. I URGE you to seek her out and feel for yourself. Are you ready to take a leap of faith? I was and it’s litterally changing my life. One day at a time.

Therese – Randers, Denmark

I had a session with Anelia yesterday, and I have never had such an intense experience before! I gained more access to my feelings and a more profound understanding of where they come from and why. She guided me through various states of emotions and helped me introduce an alternative narrative to join me and my inner child together in a more harmonious way. Anelia is very skilled in what she does, very focused, compassionate and knowledgeable in giving tools for you to work with to achieve a better understanding of yourself. Anything less than 5 stars is impossible.

Morten – Randers, Denmark

I have only pleasant things to say when reflecting upon my first Completion Process session with Anelia. I had no idea what to expect when I first contacted her, as I had never been through the process before. Even though we live on different continents and in different time zones, the correspondence leading up to the session flowed easily as Anelia was very approachable and understanding of any apprehension I may have had. I have to say that she was also very professional: she gave me detailed information, was prompt in her responses, and was punctual when it came down to our set appointment. As we began our session, my nervousness and anxiety quickly went away. Anelia was easy to talk to, and had an unconditional presence that reassured me as we went deeper into the process. Because she did not impose a time limit, I was able to go through the stages organically and did not feel rushed. I am very happy that I made the decision to reach out to Anelia! It was invaluable to have her presence as I delved into the process for the first time. I would definitely recommend Anelia as a practitioner to anyone who, like me, could not access deep memories without a witness. She is a truly compassionate and caring individual who loves her craft.

Victoria – Montreal, Canada

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