Completion Process

The Completion Process

The Completion Process is a technique, which aids people in integrating trauma. What is trauma – any circumstance, that we feel we have no control over. No one is immune to trauma. Some of the common symptoms, which are associated with trauma are:





-paralyzing fear





-unrelenting thoughts

about a specific past

event or series of events


-low self-esteem

-issues of self-harm

-chronic pain

-mental illness

-unsatisfying or painful life


Most painful situations and symptoms that we, as humans, experience are linked to a traumatic event, which most likely occurred in our childhood. Sometimes we are not aware of this link and we feel like there is something wrong with us or the way we feel. But I am here to tell you – it is not a question of “What is wrong with me?”, but rather “What happened to me?”.

By using the The Completion Process® Technique, we are able to find the root cause of our issues, rather than working on the symptoms and putting a band-aid on our wounds, which will ultimately resurface in one way or another, if the roots are not healed. The process is aimed at resolving post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, sexual abuse, relationship issues and deep emotional issues stemming from childhood.  It is a technique used to resolve past childhood trauma through a series of visualizations performed while retracing emotions related to current issues and triggers. It is about re-experiencing the emotions that we were never allowed to (and suppressed), which causes immense sense of relief. This allows us to accept what happened to us and brings us a sense of closure. We find our inner child and meet its needs in an emotionally healthy way.

Although the Completion Process actually consists of 20 steps, here are the main 5.

  • Creation of a Safe Haven—setting up a mental place where it’s safe to re-enter a painful memory.
  • Validation—giving the painful emotion the message that we see it as valid.
  • Seeking Origin—asking, “When was the first time I felt this feeling?” to connect to the root of it.
  • Awaiting Relief—inside the memory, letting the feeling naturally shift in the direction of relief.
  • Purification and Healing—a ritual for closing the memory of trauma and beginning a “new life.

The Completion Process requires a willingness from your part, to feel emotions (yes, also the difficult ones) that you might have been suppressing for many years. The light of your conscious presence will illuminate the dark corners of your sub-conscious mind and bring true and lasting healing.

My role as a facilitator is to create a trusting environment, in which you can safely express your emotions. I will guide you through the process gently and contribute with my intuitive insights.


Length of the session: 60minutes (1 hour)

Pricing: (please use google in order to calculate it in your currency, I am only listing the price in EUR for convenience)

  • 1 session – 150€ (Euro) / 1100 DKK (danish kroner)
  • 3 sessions – 400 € (50eur off)
  • 7 sessions – 900€  (150 eur off – one “free” session)
  • 11 sessions – 1350€ eur (300eur off – two “free” sessions)
  • 15 sessions – 1800 € (450eur off – three “free” sessions)
  • 19 sessions – 2250 € (600eur off – four “free” sessions)

How is the session conducted?

If you live in Denmark, we can possibly arrange a live session. However, this is not necessary for the Completion Process to work and be effective. Therefore, the majority of sessions are done online, so you would need an internet connection.

Languages spoken:

English, Bulgarian

How am I qualified to perform this work?

I am certified by Teal Swan (the creator of the technique).

You can also find me at the official website of The Completion Process –

The Completion Process is accredited through the International Coach Federation – ICF.

It sounds good, but you would like to learn more about the technique and its creator?

Below, you can see an introduction to the Completion Process, by Teal Swan, and some more information about it!




Here you can watch an actual demonstration of the Completion Process by Teal Swan. Keep in mind that every session is unique, according to the individual I am working with, so please don’t expect it to go exactly the same way. This is the beauty of the process, it is highly intuitive and it takes into consideration your unique traumas, needs, wants, desires and boundaries.




If you feel called to work with me or if you have any questions about the technique, feel free to  contact me and I would gladly assist you! As a new client, you are entitled to a 20 minute free initial consulation!

Cancellation and No-Show Policy
I am here for your appointments whether you turn up or not. A cancelled appointment hurts three people: you, your practitioner, and another client who could have potentially utilized your time slot. The sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for you. When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, I am unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client.
The full fee will be charged when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours advanced notice. This means that if an appointment is scheduled for 3:00 pm on a Tuesday, notice must be given by 3:00 pm on Sunday at the absolute latest. You can cancel your appointment by clicking on the cancellation link you’ve received in your confirmation email. Thank you for your understanding!


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