Shadow Work & Blue Lotus Ceremony

Enter a realm of self-discovery! ???? This enchanting event seamlessly blends the introspective art of shadow work, with the mystical allure of the ancient blue lotus. ???? Guided shadow work practices invite you to explore the landscapes of your psyche, allowing inner truths to unfold like delicate petals. ???? The blue lotus, a flower steeped in ancient wisdom, performs a delicate dance, elevating consciousness and creating a serene backdrop for introspection.

Hosted by a seasoned Shadow Work Practitioner, you are invited to embrace the wisdom of your inner being, traversing the realms of self-acceptance and harmony in the company of kindred spirits. ???? As a community, forge connections in the serene ambiance, nurturing a sense of sacred unity.

The blue lotus, symbolizing purity and enlightenment, whispers tales of spiritual awakening. ???? Its delicate presence in the ceremony acts as a key, gently unlocking gates to healing, aiding in transcending the ego for a sacred space of exploration. Join this special evening, where shadows intertwine with the luminous light of the blue lotus. ????

Only 6 spots available, as this ensures a more intimate experience, allowing for deeper exploration and personalized feedback! ????✨

─•~֎~•─ LOCATION ─•~֎~•─
Amager, exact address will be revealed upon registration.

─•~֎~•─ SIGN UP ─•~֎~•─
Ticket 333 DKK + VAT 84 DKK = 417 DKK
Transfer 417 DKK to MobilePay # 52715353 with your name and “Blue Lotus Nov23”
No refunds, unless your spot can be taken by someone else.

─•~֎~•─ THE HOST ─•~֎~•─
Anelia Mitova, the founder of “Authentic Element” & “Ecstatic Dance Denmark” has been working with holistic health and transformational therapy for the last 9 years. Trained in various shadow work and trauma healing modalities, such as the completion process, internal family systems, voice dialogue, somatic attachment therapy, reiki, plant medicine, tantra & nutrition. Greatly inspired by human and plant teachers around the world, she now skillfully and intuitively blends the wisdom she acquired into her offerings. She helps people reconnect to their authenticity, heal their childhood trauma and break free from scarcity & victimhood and step into abundance and createrhood!


17 Nov 2023


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Amager, Copenhagen
Anelia Mitova


Anelia Mitova
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