Skovsbo Odyssey – The Hidden And The Scene – Easter 2024

Dear human. ????‍????

You are so beautiful. Did you know that? Well, you are. Please let us see you, also the parts you usually hide, so we can celebrate you in your wholeness!

This Easter we will gather, in community, and through different workshops and experiences we will investigate the interesting polarities of being embodied as an Earthling, and ponder the paradoxes of this mysterious thing called life.

When you go home after our days together, our aim is that you’ll feel, in your bones, that you are allowed to be exactly as you are. That you’ll feel lighter, more confident and connected, and that life will feel both more effortless and meaningful. That you’ll remember that what you bring is important, and that you’ll be ever so inspired to go out there and share your unique gifts with the world.

Please join us for the fourth chapter of Skovsbo Odyssey!

Magnús, Ewa, Ernest, Anelia, Justyna, Emil, Niels and Rebecca Fratini.


I’m intrigued. Can you say more?
Skovsbo Odyssey is a concept where a group of eight facilitators guides a group of twelve participants through a four night, five day flow of experiences. It’s a retreat, a community incubator and a mini-festival, all at once.

Sounds great. Who’s hosting it and where?
We are a group of friends and space holders that love both ceremony and celebration. We each bring our unique talents to the table, providing a diverse mix of spaces and experiences. And Skovsbo is the setting for our adventure! A community house, one hour south of Copenhagen, close to forest and sea, where we have everything we need for the twenty creators and participants to feel nested and cared for.

Lovely! And what will take place?
There will be workshops and experiences, dancefloors and ceremonies, solo and community work, amazing food and cuddles. There will be sauna and cold plunging, walks in the forest, costumes and playfulness.

Ah. Can you be a bit more precise, please?
Sure. We are still working on the schedule, but we here is a non-exhaustive list of what will most likely happen:

????️ Tantric Breathwork
???? Magic Ceremony (more info on sign-up)
????‍♂️ Masculine & Feminine Exploration
???? Radical Honesty
???? Sensory Experiments
???? Voicing & Singing
????️ Personal Mantra Creation
????‍♂️ Dance Portal
????‍♂️ Yoga & Meditation
☕️ Blue Lotus Cacao Circle
????????‍♀️ Open Stage
???? Forum (sharing & release)
???? Sauna & Cold Plunge
????‍???? More Than Naked (workshop)

Will I have to get naked??
No. You don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable with. There will be opportunities to get very vulnerable, and to be seen in ways that perhaps you haven’t before.

Ok. Loving this. How much does it cost?
We have a three tier payment system.

Private room: 6.500 kr.
Regular price: 4.900 kr.
Low income: 3.900 kr.
(Or scholarship, see below.)

???? This includes the whole five day experience. All food and snacks, ceremonies and workshops. Accommodation is dorm style, except for the private room option. Camping is an option if you want more privacy (but it might be quite cold out still).

Is there a chance to come if I can’t afford that?  ????
Yes, if you feel a strong calling to join but don’t have the means, please sign-up and apply for a scholarship. We might offer some spots for a further reduced price.

Sweet. Any last words?
Thank you so much for reading along. This is the fourth Odyssey and the first three were all fantastic, each in their unique way. We can’t wait to see who will show up with their magic this time around. If this invitation makes you tingle, please join us for a ride to remember.

Oh, and where do I sign up?
Right. Here:

Bonus Question: I really love this concept! Can I be one of the facilitators?
This time around the core team is set, but maybe next time! If you want to step into facilitating, or have the thought of making a retreat but don’t have the capacity or know-how yet, then reach out to Magnús! The idea here is also to create a forum where we support each other as we step up to give our unique gifts to the world.


28 Mar 2024 - 01 Apr 2024


4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Stensby, Denmark


Anelia Mitova
Anelia Mitova

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