Ecstatic Dance at “Authentic Relating” Festival

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Check out this great video made by “The School of Life”

Ecstatic Dance is a mindful journey through time and space, using the expansive tool of your own body, guided through the harmonies of music and sweet melodies of pure alignment. You are encouraged to release your inhibitions and discover new parts of yourself, which might take you to unknown and exciting places. Be with yourself or connect to others. Move or be still.

This is an invitation to come as you are and use the space for whatever purpose suits you in each moment. It is an alcohol and substance free environment, where the music itself gets a chance to be the very thing that moves you.

There is no choreography, simply an invitation to connect to your own inner guidance system and express that outwardly. We aim to create a safe space in which you can flow with ease while discovering your rhythm.

Although, this is an Ecstatic DANCE event, don’t be fooled! You are welcome to find out what it means to you to be ecstatic. You are free to enjoy the music and the experience in any way that feels good to you in the moment. This might look like you are dancing like nobody’s watching or exploring a meditative state. Perhaps you feel like doing contact improv with a stranger or a friend or maybe you want to do cartwheels and handstands in the middle of the dance floor.


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▷??????? ???? ?????’? ?????????? – no touching except if clear consent is given.
▷??????? ????-?????????????? – involves the recognition that YOU are fully responsible for your own experience and are ready to own that powerfully! YOU are responsible for setting your boundaries when needed. YOU are responsible for interpreting your experience of the space, the music & the other people around in either a ?????????? or a ??????????? way to yourself and others!

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►Music (Monohorn)
Byron Dane is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Denmark, DJ, producer and musician with a wide array of sources for musical inspiration. He will take you on a personal journey through tribal and ethnic beats and atmospheric electronic soundscapes. Expect an assortment of deep soothing melodies and a variety of energetic pulsating rhythms.

Instagram: @_byrondane_

►Facilitator (Authentic Element)
Anelia Mitova is a trauma healing practitioner, the founder of “Authentic Element” and co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Denmark. She guides people on a journey of self-discovery, through various techniques which focus on holistic health, through emotional integration, energy healing, shamanic ceremonies, ecstatic dancing, plant-based nutrition and others.


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We welcome people of all ages (including children) and orientations!


We look forward to journeying with you!

Anelia and Byron
Ecstatic Dance Denmark


19 - 22 Jul 2018


All Day


Makvärket, Regstrup, Denmark
Teglværksvej 30, 4420 Regstrup
Ecstatic Dance Denmark


Ecstatic Dance Denmark
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