It was my first CP session with Anelia. She was this perfect support for my childhood self and made me feel seen. I let myself completely into her arms, to be guided and held throughout the trauma. She validated my emotions and It felt like one of the first time in my life when I was fully received. When the door towards more traumas opened I got a bit lost and I was crying out with grief and she managed to get me back. Whenever there would be a split or belief she would be quick to mention it. I was impressed by how well she handled the process and just like a sailor would stir the CP boat towards resolution. I would definitely recommend a session with Anelia. As soon as I stepped in her apartment, filled with crystals and big ass plants, I felt welcomed, and a big wave of loving energy was surrounding me. It’s unbelievable how healing this process is and it’s exceeding conventional therapy, because of the connection, validation, love and presence moving between you and the practitioner. I can’t express enough how thankful and grateful I am to Anelia for facilitating the Completion Process and creating the opportunity for people to seek her help.

Much love ❤️

Tatiana Prodan – Denmark / Moldova