I did my first Reiki session with Rafail Nik and Anelia Mitova. Anelia was the one to suggest this course after our first CP session. Even after our session I was receiving guidance and counseling, just like a life coach. I’m so glad the universe send this sweet soul on my way, I learned from Anelia that the main path to a quite and clear mind, is inwards towards our inner child. By offering nourishment, and meeting child’s needs we get closer to our higher self.

From the start of the Reiki course until the very end, we had a great amount of support in understandingπŸ€”Β how to apply Reiki to our life. We were the perfect amount of peopleΒ πŸ€—so we could practice on each other and manage to get answers to all our questions. I felt safe to share my emotions, be myself and receive the healing energy that was surrounding us. I am so freaking happy I went to this course. I met great people with warm heartsπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š, ate a bunch of snacks🍎🍌🌢, received love, and learned to charge ourselves, water, food, and others with Reiki.
Later on, we got a 21-day homework to practice Reiki on ourselves. It’s been 3-day since I was using it for my avocado sandwiches, fruit, water, tea, crystals, and myself. My life started taking a 180 degree of change, I was like wtf is happening, I got a couple ridiculous synchronicities. It kick-started new events, I am moving out and I get one offer better than the other, my work schedule is falling into place how it fits me best, same with school and relationships. One of the biggest things I am most grateful for is the clarity I have at the moment since the first initiation and a newfound connection with my body, mind, and spirit.
Thank you so much for facilitating it. I’m more than grateful for the experienceπŸ™

P/s: BE AWARE of the amount of cuteness that’s happening during the course, it might give you a cute heart attack.

Tatiana – Moldova/Denmark