Dear Anelia, I want to send a warm gratitude for our deep dive session together. I’m forever thank full that my higher self guided me towards working with you in the completion process. When I first found your picture on teals website for practitioners with the completion process and I saw you are based in Denmark, I knew I wanted to have a session with you. I have high standards around who I want working with my energy and as you know I have been struggling because I find that my next steps in my healing journey is relational, but I haven’t for a long time fond anybody in my timezone with who I would feel safe, understood and held in the DEEP way I know I need. Then I found you which created a huge relief for me.
You are a highly professional practitioner with a lot of experience, even when I made my booking I felt really safe and held, both with the disclaimer, meditation, it was all so professional. You are a truly authentic master in your work. I feel deeply that you put your time into doing the work yourself, I want you to know I value that high when working with a practitioner. Thank you.
It’s been so healing for me to sit in space with your presents. I felt so held, and I was able to go really deep because of your patience with allowing me to be with that was. I cried almost our whole session, what a letting go it was. A huge heaviness has realized within my being. You have a really nurturing great mother love, warm and sensitive energy. Truly, it’s been one of the most safe experiences of my life. I felt safe with you which is important for me to surrender, open up and be Vulnerable. With you, all of me was welcome, all my emotions, everything was of value, even my darkest and most sad feelings. I have been feeling so wrong for just being me most of my life, but you made be feel important and worthy with all that I am. What I loved most about our sessions, is that you created a space for me to Explorer myself, I really needed that. Know it means a lot to me. I have been working a lot around my core feelings of not wanting to be here on earth and feeling disconnected from source, life and my body. In my session with you I was able to take a huge leap in my sense of belonging and it’s safe for me to take my part in the whole now. I have truly been struggling with feeling alone from not feeling a sense of belonging. After our session I have been building a new relationship with my inner child, taking her into consideration, and Waaauw it has supported me in moving forward in my healing journey. Even though I feel sad around suppressing my inner child needs most of my life, I feel comfortable and committed to nurture her needs and wants. Thank you for being so relatable, it helped me a lot that many of my experiences in life, you have had them to, which made me feel so understood and seen. I felt so connected to you, as if I have meet you before. Thank you for doing this work and for mastering your own life. You are a huge inspiration in this way. I am beyond excited and happy for my next session with you. I have truly fond one of my go to persons, that I trust, for healing sessions and opening up to my most difficult aspects and experiences in my life. Thank you for creating space for me to feel more whole. I appreciate your generous soul.
I would highly recommend working with Anelia, she is very skilled and welcomes all part of you home in a safe relational all embracing motherly environment.
Kamillie – Denmark