I’ve been working with Anelia in one-on-one online sessions for over a year now.
What I appreciate most is the trust I could build to be able to open up to her about anything: no matter how much shame, anger, numbness, hostility or “badness” a part of me experiences, all is welcome. This way, I could give voice to parts of mine who were buried inside of me and suffered for many years.
Anelias compassion, understanding and drive to really get the full picture of what happened allows me to fully discover a part, to deeply understand them and their needs.
She uniquely applies different techniques of trauma resolution work with the result of truly seeing a part and validating them. This way, I could discover many important truths about myself.
Over the course of our work, I’ve been continuously realising how Anelia is growing as a practitioner and would apply new techniques and aspects of healing work. Of course this helps heaps for the work during a session. It also teaches me new ways to approach parts of mine when I’m doing the work on my own. The latter is really important to me, to grow my ability to help myself. Anelia regularly encourages me to trust my own inner healer, to grow and strengthen her.
As with many parts, the work that needs to be done continues in everyday life to get to a point of complete integration. For this to be easier and manageable, Anelia always asks for consent to give helpful advice, tips or suggestions – for me this is the best way to accept and apply helpful teaching.
Anelia, I deeply appreciate working with you and I am very grateful for each and every session.”
Angelina – Germany