Integration Session

What does integration actually mean?
We are born into a society, which operates under certain paradigms, whether we like it or not.  There are all kinds of standards, values and rules in our un-awakened society. Therefore, we undergo the process of “socialization”, which often requires us to suppress, deny or disown parts of ourselves that are seen as unacceptable or bad.

To make this more understandable, here is an example of what I mean:
Imagine that you are 4 years old and you are about to have a younger sibling.  Your parents are telling you that this is such a happy occasion and you should be so excited and prepared to meet your new sibling. However, internally you might have a fear of being abandoned or that from now on your parents won’t have enough time or energy to love and care for you in the same way, as they have been doing for your entire life. Not only you are completely powerless to this situation, as there is nothing you can do to prevent your sibling from coming into the family dynamic, but you are also being told that you should be HAPPY about this circumstance. Maybe one day you throw a tantrum and express your frustration to your parents and if they are not acquainted with the idea of emotional intelligence and mirroring, most likely they end up shaming you for your reaction. Do they do it to consciously hurt you? Probably not. But it still affects you.

What do you do? You suppress, deny and disown the parts of you that are scared, angry or frustrated. This is a coping strategy that your psyche has to come up with, IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU SAFE! It’s all in the sake of survival. You are completely dependent on the mercy of your parents to take care of you, to love you and approve of you. We all are. We are a social species, there is no way of getting around this. Therefore a biological affective reaction is triggered every time that the people around you (especially the ones you are dependent upon), disapprove of you or your behavior. From that point on – shame takes over and triggers you into suppressing the parts of you that are seen as unacceptable/bad/not okay in this circumstance. You begin to split internally. If your parents disapprove of the “angry” part of you, you’d do anything to get rid of it. If the “angry” part of you was your left arm, you’d cut it. However, since it’s not a physical attribute we are talking about, but rather an aspect of your consciousness, you deal with it in a different way. Instead of splitting your arm, you split your consciousness. You cut off the part of you that is “angry” from your conscious awareness. Please keep in mind that this part doesn’t disappear, it simply goes into your “sub-conscious” mind. And it imparts you with certain detrimental beliefs, such as “I am not lovable” or “I am not good enough”, etc., that you tend to adopt for the rest of your life. And manifest your experience from that space of fear and lack.

This process is called FRAGMENTATION. We are all somewhere on the spectrum of fragmentation. Some of us more than others. There is nothing inherently abnormal about that, in fact it is a completely natural process, meant to keep us safe in our social surroundings. So, what is the problem then? That you become an adult that is struggling with:

  • expressing emotions or boundaries
  • being unaware of your own personal truth
  • acting in your own best interest
  • “self-sabotage”
  • self-doubt
  • healthy relationships
  • connecting to your creative power
  • utilizing your skills and abilities
  • tapping into your potential
  • fulfilling your higher purpose
  • addictions
  • post-traumatic-stress-disorder
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • physical health issues
  • stress
  • and it goes on…..

Due to the lack of emotional validation and expression in your childhood, you go out-of-tune with your own emotional guidance system and intuition. And you react to the circumstance in your life, as if you have no control over them. You lose touch with your free will and act out of determinism and social norms. It is obvious to see why this dynamic is painful! The example I gave is just one of many different scenarios that happen in your childhood that shape your sense of self.

Unfortunately most of us experience quite a lot of circumstances that leave us feeling totally powerless, scared, lost and frozen. And when we talk about this experiences which haven’t been resolved – we talk about TRAUMA. And trauma is somewhere on the spectrum – anything “small” from being weaned off the breast (stopping breastfeeding, which happens to most of us), losing your teddy bear to “bigger” things, such as your parents being divorced, getting in a car crash or being sexually abused. Trauma is simply an experience relative to which you didn’t experience a resolution. And therefore certain parts of you are stuck (like a skipping CD) in that experience, deriving meaning from it, which is still impacting you, even years after it had happened. Even after your conscious mind forgot it. But trust me when I say, your physical and emotional body still remember!

Therefore, when I speak about INTEGRATION, I refer to the process of exploring, validating, healing and recovering these lost aspects of ourselves. Validating the scared, lonely or abused little child inside of you, guiding it into getting un-stuck and creating a safe container for a healing experience has a huge impact on your current adult life and the beliefs you carry and operate from. This process ultimately transforms your inner world, so that it can also reflect in outer world. You may start feeling:

  • an increased sense of awareness and acceptance
  • a sense of safety in the world
  • self-love
  • courage to speak your truth
  • self-trust to capitalize on your own best interest
  • able to express your emotions in a healthy way
  • trust towards others
  • healthier relationships
  • sense of meaning
  • sense of wholeness
  • sense of integrity
  • safe to express your boundaries
  • creativity
  • the ability to create and manifest exactly the life you are longing for
  • playfulness
  • an inner desire to heal from your addictions and coping strategies
  • a reduction in stress, anxiety and fear responses
  • improvement in your physical health
  • a sense of inner peace

Integration work can also be seen as “shadow” work, because it aims to illuminate the shadows within our psyche. The term shadow refers to anything that you DON’T KNOW THAT YOU DON’T KNOW. By exploring your shadows, you have the opportunity to integrate lost parts of yourself, live from a space of awareness, wholeness and authenticity and ultimately to contribute to the world with your unique gift you came here to offer!

What tools do I use in an “Integration Session”?

I have been trained in different modalities, which I tend to use on an intuitive basis of what would be the most relevant and beneficial in your specific circumstance.  You can read more about each technique by clicking on the links below. If you have knowledge and preference for a particular modality to be explored in our “Integration Session”, please let me know and I will of course take it into consideration.

Completion Process

Emotional Healing and Trauma Integration
More information

Voice Dialogue / Parts Work

Integration and Awareness of Self
More information

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Emotional Healing and Trauma Integration
More information

Length of the session:
60 minutes (1 hour)

Pricing -> for the packages of more than one session, you can combine the different techniques, if desired (CP, VD, MAT, Reiki)
(please use google in order to calculate it in your currency, I am only listing the price in EUR for convenience)

  • 1 session – 150€ (Euro) / 1100 DKK (danish kroner)
  • 3 sessions – 400 € (50eur off)
  • 7 sessions – 900€  (150 eur off – one “free” session)
  • 11 sessions – 1350€ eur (300eur off – two “free” sessions)
  • 15 sessions – 1800 € (450eur off – three “free” sessions)
  • 19 sessions – 2250 € (600eur off – four “free” sessions)

How is the session conducted?
If you live in Denmark, we can possibly arrange a live session. However, this is not necessary for the Integration Session to work and be effective. Therefore, sessions can also be done online, so you would need an internet connection.

Languages spoken:
English, Bulgarian

How am I qualified to perform this work?
You can read more about that on the links above, for each specific technique.

It sounds good, but you would like to learn more about the technique and its creator?
You can also do that by clicking on the links above, for each specific technique.

How to book a session?
Click on the link below to contact me or schedule directly!

Cancellation and No-Show Policy
I am here for your appointments whether you turn up or not. A cancelled appointment hurts three people: you, your practitioner, and another client who could have potentially utilized your time slot. The sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for you. When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, I am unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client.
The full fee will be charged when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving 48 hours advanced notice. This means that if an appointment is scheduled for 3:00 pm on a Tuesday, notice must be given by 3:00 pm on Sunday at the absolute latest. You can cancel your appointment by clicking on the cancellation link you’ve received in your confirmation email. Thank you for your understanding!

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