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∞ Teal Swan – “The Mirror” ∞ Rheinfelden, Switzerland ∞ 9-11 November 2018 ∞

November 9, 2018 - November 11, 2018

The world you live in is designed like a mirror hologram. In this workshop, you will learn how to use this mirror hologram to your highest advantage. You will learn how to use it to see the aspects of yourself and this universe that are hidden from your conscious mind; patterns that are keeping you stuck in discomfort and not allowing you to reach your potential. You will learn how to use it to completely see yourself and to completely see the world you live in. With this awareness and this level of awakening, you can make life exactly what you want it to be.

Teal Swan is a universal reflector. As such, she is like a mirror of the universe within the mirror hologram that is our earth. This allows her to use herself as a mirror to show you what you do not yet see about yourself and what you do not yet see about the world you live in. During these three days, Teal will be using this to your advantage. You will experience several processes and lessons designed by Teal Swan specifically for the unique group that sits before her. She will also use the support of her team of master practitioners to enhance this experience by creating demonstrations and groups which enable healing interaction and transformation to better occur.

The Mirror Workshop is not ‘Spiritual Novocain’. So many of the self help and spiritual workshops held around the world do not provide true healing. Instead they provide a temporary high and temporary relief from the pain that people are in. The Mirror Workshop is the opposite of spiritual bypassing. Teal Swan and her team will be creating a safe container for you to see the truth of yourself, to be authentic and to cause healing transformation that actually lasts. This workshop is the perfect workshop to get the support that you need to go to the places within you that scare you. This workshop is the perfect place to confront the pain that still lies within you, waiting to be resolved.

If you feel ready to commit to yourself, be honest with yourself and be brave enough to see both your shadows and light in a loving setting (which will allow you to fully integrate both) then this workshop is for you. Many of us would rather choose known pain than venture into the unknown; which is where our true pleasure can be found. The subconscious resistance we all have to this profound work is why it is so difficult for our own consciousness to dissolve what is holding us back and make the changes necessary for us to live the life we have been wanting but just can’t seem to make happen. The Mirror workshop is a catapult towards your personal truth and towards universal truth. The only things you will lose by attending, are the very things you need to lose in order to actualize a life that is infinitely more valuable than the one you are living today.
Join us for this special weekend in Rheinfelden, Switzerland if you are ready to see if you are you ready to step into your full value.


November 9, 2018
November 11, 2018
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